May I do #12: Control your e-reputation

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The e-reputation refers to the image your hotel/brand/group, has online. Every hotelier needs to understand and control their e-reputation as, as the researches from Cornell University have shown, it impacts directly the revenue!

  • TripAdvisor, Google (again!), Facebook, CTrip, Agoda,… the network is wide and you can’t of course be aware instantly of all the comments your guests are leaving about your hotel. 
    • Start to focus on the negative comments  to understand what happened, and fix the issue with the guest, but also with your operations team, and make sure it won’t happen again
    • Answer to each guest, negative AND positive comments. Really, we insist here, it is very important that you take the time to get in touch to your guests and has an impact on the algorithms from the e-reputation players
    • Understand that you can’t – and you won’t – please everyone. Even if your service is perfect, you will always find some guests who won’t be happy with their stay and will have ro raise an issue
  • Keep in mind that almost 38% of people booking hotels say that positive online reviews are an incentive to stay at an independent hotel  (source here) so you definitely can’t  avoid that part! 
  • Finally, train your operations team properly (front office, concierge, etc), they are directly in contact with your guests and can easily push them to leave a comment on one of the platforms – a positive one!

Still dubious? We can recommend some systems to help- get in touch! 🙂

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