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May I do #13 – Define the Optimal Business Mix

By May 13, 2020 No Comments

There is a difference between the reality of your business mix and your dream mix – how can we turn this dream into reality? And should we aim for that or for the Optimal Business Mix instead?

  • Following Tip from “Day 9: Analyse your Segmentation”, you should now have a pretty good idea of the mix that you currently have
  • In order to define your OBM (Optimal Business Mix), it is important to keep the overall revenue goal and needs of the hotel – your dream mix may not be the optimum one!
  • You need to define which channels, segments and rates work better for your hotel taking into account the cost of sales and distribution  as well as the period/seasonality.
  • Don’t heavily rely on your comp set to define the mix (it will be another tip topic ;)) as you may not have the same goal and needs than the set
  • By having a clear OBM defined, you can tap into opportunities outside of your “comfort mix” – not only optimizing what works already but see what else may be used
  • Select the most promising opportunities, quantify them, define a budget with Sales and Marketing  and put some targets so you can then track your results


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