May I do #14: Pay Per Click campaigns on Google

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The PPC campaigns refer to an online advertising and an easy way to generate traffic to your website in addition to SEO.  It’s an essential element of your strategy as it brings immediate results.

  • The first question you might have is: how it works? Like SEO, you need to work on a specific keyword list (or key phrase) your guests might use on google to find their next stay. When this list is defined, you need to bid on them. Each time the user will search for this type of word or phrase, you will appear in the ad section of the results page of Google. 
  • As explained by its name itself, you will spend money if the user clicks on the ad, and the goal is to make sure this click will end by a booking!
  • When setting up your ads, you will need to:
    • Define geo-targets
    • Allocate a maximum bid and a maximum daily budget 
  • Make sure to have a proper landing page behind your campaign! For example, if you are promoting a Stay 3 Pay 2, make sure the CTA will go do this dedicated offer!
  • One of the main key metric of the PPC campaign is the Click-through Rate, meaning “a ratio showing how often people who see your ad end up clicking it” (source/ Google Ads) According to AdStage, the average CTRis 2.88% on the search network and 0.64% on the display network as of Q2 2019. And that’s the average across all industries
  • Once again, the topic is huge in the digital industry, and we could talk about it hours… so if you want to go deeper, get in touch!

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