May I do #16: Use the power of Metasearch

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To avoid any confusion, a metasearch engine can’t be described like an OTA. A hotel metasearch refers to comparison websites displaying  hotel’s prices and availability in real-time, including OTA and direct channels. 

  • “Metasearch sites account for more than 45% of global unique visitors* in travel, according to analysis of the top 10,000 travel websites”
  • Unknown few years ago, metasearch is today a growing trend in the hospitality industry, and can now contribute up to 15% of your total online revenue*
  • The main metasearch engines are: TripAdvisor; Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Kayak and HotelCombined but they don’t  operate quite the same way so make sure you set different strategies depending on the ones you are using.
  • Metasearch needs to be thought like a strategy between  your distribution and your digital strategy, and requires a double effort:
    • As long as a metasearch engine displays the rates from all the channels bidding on them, you need to check carefully your rate parity across all channels, and ensure your direct rates stay competitive
    • You need to make sure you have the right Channel Manager, to allow them to connect to the biggest players in the metasearch field, and  help monitor the key performances.




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