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May I do #18: Update your Hotel Info

By May 18, 2020 No Comments

You only get 1 shot to make a 1st impression and less than 30 sec to impress someone – that also applies to hotels! The 1st time clients will meet you is most probably online! Let’s make it right!

  • List all the platforms where you are distributed, web/OTA/GDS, etc. no exception (included the ones that you don’t update but are subsidiaries from others…like Agoda, etc.)
  • Make sure you have your set of photos, text content, amenities listed, etc. following your brand guidelines. You need to make sure the message is consistent across all platforms. 
  • Look at what people like about you (cf Day 12: E-reputation) and insist on these elements in your descriptions
  • Start with your own website and go 1 by 1 – when you are limited by the format on some platforms, try to stick the closest to your website  
  • Pick the nicest pictures and try to add videos (good quality ones only!)  
  • Update new Health & Safety processes and T&C
  • Make some random checks regularly to make sure your online profiles are spotless – it may take few days for some platforms to be updated

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