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May I Do # 20: Share with the Team

By May 20, 2020 No Comments

A good strategy is a strategy that is shared and understood by all staff members. This does not apply only to the commercial team – so let’s make sure the whole team is aligned on needs and strategy. 

  • Each person in the business is working for the guests, whether this is guest facing or not – they all know some specific information about habits, needs, like and dislike elements about their stay! Let’s share that to better understand your guests
  • Make some regular “open sessions” where people can brainstorm on the key challenges the hotel is facing – you may get some very valuable insights from team members (and they will feel empowered)
  • Use any free time (furlough and/or low periods for example) to train the team on topic they are unfamiliar with: What is revenue management? What does the digital person do? What costs are involved when we sell on various platforms? Why should we push guests to leave reviews, to book direct, etc. The more the staff will be aware of the end goal, the better they will be engaged! 
  • Share the KPIs and results vs targets on regular basis with the team and keep them involved! 

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