May I Do #21: Influencers & KOL

By May 21, 2020 No Comments

Have the influencers replaced today the word-of-mouth? Working with them in exchange of social media coverage (and most of the time, money!)  worth the investment?

  • Influencers, bloggers, KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) are considered today as a leverage of your hotel strategy, like ambassadors of a new trend: digital recommendation
  • The key is to find the one who will bring you the right audience. If the number of followers is important, it’s not the only element to consider. Once again, quality is better than quantity 🙂 
  • There are several factors which calculate the ROI of an influence program, depending on your goals: website traffic, reservations, number of followers impacted by the campaign
  • There are 2 ways of partnering with influencers:
    • Partnership with the big players who will exchange their stay with coverage on their own channels. It’s usually expensive as they might ask you for extra fees
    • Partnership with smaller influencer with whom who can easily negotiate extra content in exchange of the free stay
  • According to Hospitality Net media, the best platform to drive engagement are: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
  • Run an affiliation program with influencers, and offer them cashback for every booking made through them

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