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May I Do #22: Stay in Touch and Up to Date

By May 22, 2020 No Comments

Always listen to the wise (sic) Vito Corleone: “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. Well in hospitality, keep everybody close: staff, guests, partners and stay aware of the latest news!

  • All partners you are working with have lots of data that they could share with you
    Stay In Touch

    Stay in Touch and Up to Date

  • Knowing your data is great, but getting an understanding of a market or trends faster with more data is also quite interesting. Any market’s manager from OTA / GDS or any system you are using have access to a huge database of clients and can give you some insights on trends. They are here to help, don’t treat them as devils only taking their commissions! 
  • Follow some experts (signing up on @MyOC if not already done!) and sign up for industry newsletters, such as Skift, HotelMarketing, eHotelier, BigHospitality, etc. If you have a team, maybe you can share and ask people to summarize if you don’t want to get swamped by information
  • Free webinars and conferences are regularly held, these are good places to learn about new tools or tricks
  • Don’t only look at hotels, other industries may have good insights too for your business

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