May I Do #23: The rise of chatbot

By May 23, 2020 No Comments

Hotel chatbots are the modern-day equivalent to a concierge. Guests can check in, check out, make reservations, and even ask for local restaurant recommendations through an intelligent messenger platform. But is it now mandatory?

  • How it works? In simple and few words, a chatbot will answer to a guest by guessing his question. But actually, it’s based on few scenario, such as where does this guest want to book? When? Etc…
  • A chatbot is immediate, and doesn’t require some time between the reception of an enquiry, and the answer.  The experience of the guest becomes more personalized, which is totally part of the experience the guest is looking for.
  • Why a hotel should go for a chatbot?
    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • Increase direct bookings and reduce commissions
    • Communicate in different languages (while your staff might not)
    • Follow up with guests
  • The alternative to the traditional chatbots is the one powered by artificial intelligence. They can understand and interpret written communication and then respond appropriately, resulting in highly realistic chat interactions. For more info, stay tuned for the next tip about digital trends. Coming in a few days

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