May I Do #24: …and watch a (hotel) movie!

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Hotels have been used in movies for as long as cinema exists. Some made us want never to go there, and some others make us dream for a few hours… Let’s do some binge hotel watching!

  • Get a little thrill with The Shining at the scary Overlook Hotel shot at the Timberline Lodge, Oregon
    Hotel Movie

    Hotel Movies

  • Have a laugh with The Hangover at The Caesar Palace, Las Vegas
  • Get all sentimental and re(re-re-re – at least for Josie)-watch Pretty Woman (The Beverly Wilshire Hotel) and Dirty Dancing (The Kellermans Resort  actually the Mountain Lake hotel in Pembroke)
  • Look at the World from the top and get melancholic at the Park Hyatt Tokyo with Lost in Translation
  • If you feel like a science-fi, psychological thriller into the woods, then go for Ex-Machina filmed at the Juvet Landscape hotel
  • Get back into childhood and tell the kids not to do like Kevin at The Plaza NY in Home Alone
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel had to be added on the list… ok not shot in a real hotel, but we would love to see this one live!

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