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May I Do #26: Digital trends in Hospitality

By May 26, 2020 No Comments

Here we go… almost! You’ve got quite enough tips to make sure your digital strategy is optimized! Let’s now focus quickly on the digital trends that will come in the future… from VR to AI, what are the topics you need to follow to stay updated with the new trends? 

Day 26

  • Artificial Intelligence: following our May I Do #23 about the chatbot, AI goes today further in hospitality industry. From booking platforms powered by AI to robot initiated by Hilton, the range of possibilities seems big for the industry. Check out this article here.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality for a new experience: What a best way for your guest to discover your hotel before booking it, and living the experience you want to share with him? With AR and VR, it’s now possible to immerse your guest in your universe and give him straight away the desire to book. Have a look on these 10 hotel experiences 🙂
  • IoT: it’s definitely not a new concept (video from Intel), but it grows in hospitality as the technology offers an important number benefits and allow to “save on energy costs, through to delivering a better customer experience” (check out this article)
  • Finally, if you want to go deeper, or imagine the hotel of the future, read this interesting article, and let’s see in let’s say…10 years?!!!

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