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May I Do #9: Analyse Your Segmentation

By May 9, 2020 May 12th, 2020 No Comments

In order to target the business, you need to know who is already coming to the hotel. But are you able to answer that with your current segmentation?

  • Extract your rate plans and segments attached thereto, make sure that the mapping in place is correct
  • Define what are the key elements you want to target: type of rate, channel, distribution, loyalty, demographics, etc. 
  • Now is the good time to review your segments: do you have the right segmentation? If you think you are missing something, and need to add/remove some segments, change it! 
  • Same as with our tips on Rate Plans (Day 5), you would prefer to have more segments  than less, and you can always group them in master segment/rate categories or any groupement of segments you can do in your PMS. Visibility and readability of your business is KEY to take the best decisions
  • Distribution being a key element of revenue management, we would suggest you look also at your costs when defining the segments: should your Flex GDS be with your Flex DirectWeb? Probably not…

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