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May I Do #11: Create Scenarios for Re-opening

By May 11, 2020 No Comments

As we are very dependant from the current situation and decisions from governments, and we have no past reference of such event to guide us, we need to work on various scenarios to be well prepared for re-opening.


  • The goal is to be proactive by looking at the potential options for the next few months  rather than being caught by surprise and only be reactive
  • Imagine the various possible scenarios for each of your segments. For example, it could be a split in phases with a timeframe:
    • Phase 1: hotels re-open with strict distanciation rules and occupancy level cap – no/limited F&B authorised – likelihood to have many domestic travellers
    • Phase 2: ease of rules and re-opening of borders
    • Phase 3: back to normal (-ish)
  • Make sure you look at the options for each of your segments: each segment will have various behaviours and requirements
  • Share that information with S&M Teams to make sure you all adjust your plans accordingly and target the right markets at the right time
  • Regularly forecast your +30/+90/+180 days but don’t spend too much time on it… scenarios are likely to change! Just be ready for adjustments!

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