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May I Do #2: Review your room types

By May 2, 2020 May 12th, 2020 No Comments

Room Types are the base of your hotel – this is what clients are coming for, this is the product you are selling! You better sell it well!

Review past sales and productions: occ, ADR and lead time

  • Look at guests feedback and what people like about the rooms and use it
  • Are your supplements  in line with the attributes and demand for each room type?
  • Play with client’s psychology: not everybody is looking for the cheapest room so make sure you have different products to offer (don’t over do it, too many would kill it!)
  • Give excitement with the room names and descriptions by staying clear on the offer
  • If your web and/or PMS allows it, play with the display, either by targeting who will see the rooms in which order or at what lead time and for what booking  period based on your needs
  • For sure your rooms are super clean (and virus not-friendly), but it is time more than ever to shout about it!

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