Hotels Consulting

  • Evaluate Revenue Management practices within the company
  • Find leverages for optimization of revenues throughout the organisation: Bedroom, Meetings & Events, F&B, Co-Working as well as organisation structure
  • Audit of the structure: people & data organisation
  • Look for opportunities in Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing, Online and Distribution with strategic recommendations for long term business growth
  • Help investors with Openings and Implementations: advice on systems, set up and commercial strategy for your hotel/group
  • Help on the recruitment process and define objectives for Senior Leadership

Outsourced Revenue Management & Distribution

  • Pricing set up and restructuring
  • Systems implementations and changeover
  • Creation of automated reporting
  • On call or full time professional support: forecasting, KPI reporting and review with close relationship with the “on property” teams
  • Interim management

Revenue Optimisation Training

  • Training and coaching in revenue management principles
  • Implementation of revenue culture across operations
  • Conferences and Round Tables

Digital and CRM

  • Audit and implementation of full Digital Strategy
  • METAsearch
  • Recommendations and Implementation of CRM
  • Emailing
  • Online visibility through Google (Ads, My Business)
  • SEO recommendations

Project Management

  • Design and re-design of the Customer and Staff Journey
  • Review of the suite of technology in place and plan for optimized suite
  • RFPs
  • System implementations
  • System changeover
  • Recruitment

System Provider Consulting

  • Support on new system development
  • Workshop to define product development needs and roadmap
  • Support in system integrations (API, etc.)